Oil Barge Attacked Off Coast Of Nigeria

Marine Security
Marine Security

Nigeria pirates attack oil ship-2 deaths, 4 kidnapped

Assailants in Nigeria have attacked an oil barge near the coast, resulting in the deaths of two Nigerian navy members. They also kidnapped four foreigners

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The navy is now searching for the gunmen, who are believed to be near the Niger Delta. There were also two sailors on the ship providing security who were wounded during the attack.

The kidnapped foreigners were from Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Maritime Protection Services reports raids on ships in the Niger Delta have decreased since three years ago, when a 2009 amnesty agreement had helped put an end to years of violence.

The ship that was raided is owned by Sea Trucks Group, an oil service firm has many ships operating around the globe.

The attack occurred before dawn, when the ship was roughly 56 kilometers from shore.

The delta is home to lots of natural resources, and is Nigeria’s main source of oil.

The attack is of grave importance to Nigeria’s oil industry. Current oil production is at an all-time peak, with 2.7 million barrels being produced daily.

The peace amnesty which allowed for more oil to be harvested may be in jeopardy because of the attack.

The militants go after foreign companies, trying to obtain support from sympathetic locals who are in poverty and may be angry with rich corporations.

Locals would prefer that the money go to improve their neighborhoods by building better housing.

The amnesty has not eliminated kidnappings, and in fact, such occurrences in the Niger Delta have gone up.

Maritime Protection Services reports over 17 attacks by pirates in Nigerian waters, a much larger number than in 2011.

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