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googleThe Google Sandbox is somewhat of a mystery. It’s existence is a highly debated topic but many people, including myself, have experienced it in some form or another.

If a site’s domain is very young (under a few months) and it suddenly gets loads of links with the same anchor text, Google sees this as an attempt to manipulate the sites’ rankings and will penalize the site by doing one of 2

1. Destroy the sites rankings for most keyword terms by placing the site on page 99 or something equally hard to find.

2. Leave the sites rankings unchanged and not let the new links have any value towards higher rankings.

So the 2 possible outcomes are either not letting the links have any effect or full-on punishment by banishing the site from anywhere near the front page. This effect is not permanent however.

It only last for a few months where your previous rankings are then  restored or your links are eventually given their full weight. So don’t panic if you see your site disappear from the search results and all your traffic disappears, it will all return to normal given some time. However, this is of course a pretty crappy scenario and a total waste of
time. To prevent it from happening  in the future the best thing to do is to vary your anchor text.

The more links you are creating for your site the more varied the anchor text needs to be. Use 3 keyword variations for less than 500 hundred links in one month, 6 variations for more than 500 in one month and 10 variations for more than 1000 in one month. This should be a good guideline to follow and will ensure you never get into the dreaded sandbox.

There is another version of the sandbox too and it’s known as the ‘reverse sandbox’ effect. This is where all new, original content naturally gets a  small boost in the search results.

This is because people value fresh information so Google decides to make all of this type of content easier to find and gives it a little more exposure to help it along.

This is one of those effects that helps everyone (those creating unique content that is) and is definitely welcome. By it’s very nature there is not much to do to increase it’s effects, you just have to produce fresh, unique Content.


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