Where Do Extreme Couponers Get Free Coupons?

Question: Where do Extreme Couponers get free coupons?

Coupons can be exchanged with other extreme couponers. For instance, if you don’t buy dog food, someone else might want that coupon and have cereal coupons you would love to use! Check your local library or McDonalds/Starbucks where people leave old newspapers.

Answer: Here are some primary places to get free coupons!

Where do Extreme Couponers get free coupons?

  • Newspaper coupon flyers
  • Digital coupons from your grocery store website
  • Sign up for email from your favorite Manufacturers (example: P&G or Kraft)
  • Sign up for emails from your favorite stores (Example: JcPenney or Sears)
  • Sign up for birthday clubs with restaurant websites (Example: Ihop or Bakin Robbins)
  • Sign up for reward cards (Example: CVS or Walgreens)
  • Smart Source (printable or in newspaper)
  • Red Plum (printable or in newspaper)
  • Local grocery store and drugstores have grocery flyers by front door
  • Many stores have free flyers with coupons
  • Women’s magazines have coupons on their pages (Example: Good Housekeeping or Readers Digest)
  • Websites that promote codes (example: coupon cabin or retail me not)
  • Website that have printable coupons (example: coupon mom or coupons)

And just to reiterate from my previous coupon posts….always shop smartly with your coupons:

  • Always take two coupons, when possible to take advantage of BOGO sales!
  • Organize your coupons so you don’t overlook or waste too much time being an extreme couponer!
  • Combine coupons. Most grocery stores will use their own coupon, in addition to using the manufacturer coupon for the same item!

My goal is to try to save as much as I spend. You shouldn’t get discouraged when this doesn’t happen. I probably achieve this goal 25% of the time I go grocery store shopping. I am always looking for better and efficient ways to be an extreme couponer!