Do you know the FUJITA Tornado Damage Scale?

Damage Scale? Most Floridians and even East Coast United States residents are familiar with the Hurricane SAFFIR-SIMPSON SCALE:

Category 1 having the slowest wind speeds and Category 5 having the highest wind speeds. The FUJITA or Tornado scale, otherwise known as the “F” Scale was created by Meteorologist Theodore Fujita. D’Orsa and Associates Public Adjusters would like to share with you the FUJITA Tornado Scale:

F0: Gale Winds between 40 – 73 miles per hour

F1: Moderate Winds between 73 – 112 miles per hour

F2: Significant Winds between 113 – 157 miles per hour

F3: Severe Winds between 158 – 206 miles per hour

F4: Devastating Winds between 207 – 260 miles per hour

F5: Incredible Winds between 261 – 318 miles per hour

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