101 Couponing

This article on 101 couponing will focus on where to find coupons and what websites help you print coupons. Here are the main ways to find and get coupons.

  • 101 CouponingNewspaper – If you get the Sunday newspaper, there are always inserts. Although I don’t get it delivered to my house, I did sign up to get the coupons free from our local paper. Check your local newspaper for this option!
  • Grocery store – Most large grocery stores have coupon flyers right at the first of the store. They usually change every couple weeks so make it a habit to pick up the flyer when you walk into the grocery store!
  • Newsletters – Sign up with manufacture newsletters so be notified of printable coupons you like and will want to use! Some good example could include Kraft, General Mills, Betty Crocker, etc. You can also get emails for coupons to your favorite places (such as Dairy Queen!) Many restaurants have birthday clubs where you will get free coupons or reduced prices.
  • Online websites – The coupon industry in growing leaps and bounds due to the state of the economy. Companies produce more coupons to get revenue and websites are flocking to get the coupons. There are many popular couponing websites that will deliver coupons to your inbox as well as letting you know what great deals are available in your area.

The 5 best coupon websites include:

  1. Couponmom (This coupon website is my favorite and I use it weekly!)
  2. Coupons.com
  3. Smartsource
  4. Redplum
  5. Coupon Network

Now start finding the coupons you would use or valuable coupon worth $1 or more that you might use, and start printing them! My next few articles will be “the do’s and don’ts of couponing” and then some “coupon lingo” to help get you started on saving money with coupons!