Sit Happens Jax Dog Training Reviews

Hiring Dave and Sit Happens was the best decision we could have made for our puppy and our family! We had already gone through “Puppy kindergarten” with our German Shepherd and she “passed” the basics. Having this breed in the past though, I knew that we needed more training and more structure (both for her and for us). Dave was the perfect trainer for us. He not only knew exactly how to read and communicate with our puppy but he was able to read and “train” my husband and I as well to help us be the best fur baby parents we could. Dave is well versed in basic command training as well as behavior modifications helping us to put a stop to some resource guarding quickly. He was patient and calm at all times when working with us and our puppy and you could tell she knew her role with him and enjoyed when he would come work with us.

Our Tannin is now 8 months old and still loves her “place board” and working on her training. Her off leash work is great thanks to Dave and she can now enjoy the beach and the trail without a long annoying lead attached to her. Having a well trained dog is a priceless gift that Dave can give to you and your family. Often times you do not even realize how much of a value this level of training can be until you have experienced it. We constantly have family and friends over who rave about our puppy’s behavior and how stress free and enjoyable it is to visit our home. Thanks to Dave we can enjoy our puppy and she can enjoy us and our lifestyle without stress. Thanks Dave!

Sit Happens
Jacksonville, FL
Phone :: (904) 248 8309

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