Now I can now clip his nails on my own…

Stevo is highly professional, extremely talented at handling difficult cases, and very patient discussing everything with his clients. I have a very difficult dog that had major fear aggression.

For 8 years, I couldn’t take him around anyone in public, or invite anyone over. I was essentially a hostage in my own house. He couldn’t go to the vet without being muzzled and wrestled. After spending time with Stevo, I can now clip his nails on my own, take him in public, allow others into my house, and even all others to pet him! None of this was possible previously.

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I cannot tell enough how happy I am I found Stevo when I did. My only other options were to have him put down, or remain in my home alone. Now, we both have our lives back. I will never be able to express how grateful I am for this.

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