Get your pup as much exposure, to pretty much everything and anything…

Westchester K-9 Dog Training | 914 393 2346 Friend one of the things I’ve mentioned in the past is the importance of getting  your fur baby exposure to the outside world.

Socializing puppies with other dogs, people, the elements, etc.

You want to get your pup as much exposure, to pretty much everything and anything, as possible ESPECIALLY when they are still young.


You have to do so in a very controlled, structured, way.

Because we don’t want to just throw them into a situation and assume it’s going to be all right.

This isn’t about “sink or swim” this is about slowly building a foundation that will allow for really good social behaviors to be built.

What most of us don’t realize is just how intense and scary the world can be if you’re not used to it.

Imagine being this cute, teeny little puppy and you’ve never experienced traffic, the rush of cars, the honking of horns, the screeching of tires.

That would be incredibly overwhelming.

So we have to take our time and introduce them to these situations gradually and as calmly as possible.

I suggest, at first, you take them with you in the car and drive them around a little bit.

Have the windows down (just a little) and let them soak it all in and take in all the different noises.

Take them into town, bring them to the soccer games, etc.

Slowly introduce them to the world that you and I move through effortlessly.


I cannot stress enough.

This HAS TO BE done in a very controlled, and structured, way.

You have to make sure you’re not (accidentally) creating bad habits.

It’s really just for them to be dogs (puppies).

Take them to a field so they can soak it all in and play.

Have them on a nice long leash and play with them, let them absorb the environment around them.

Let them smell, let them explore.

Let them learn in a safe, slow, controlled way.

And before you know it they’ll be calm as a cucumber in any situation.

Talk soon,

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