The Devoted Dog Training

The Devoted Dog LLC is a balanced, reward based dog training company that serves the Baytown and Houston TX and surrounding areas. That means they communicate to the dogs what behaviors are unacceptable, then reward the desired behaviors. Without telling them what you don’t want, you’ll never get that full clarity and understanding from them what the goal is. The Devoted Dog Training  22573 Morgan Cemetery Rd Cleveland, Texas 77328  832-732-0533

Mondiopup, Inc. Dog Training

Mondiopup, Inc. 85 Sand Hill Road Dover Plains, NY 12522
Mondiopup, Inc. 85 Sand Hill Road Dover Plains, NY 12522

Mia finished up her board and train over the weekend and headed back home. I am beyond proud of the progress that  she made in a relatively short period of time.  Mia’s training involved a lot of active, engaging obedience- having her climb up onto place items and getting lots of releases and cheer leading. Giving her crystal clear instruction and making life easier to navigate through communication gave her a massive boost in confidence.

This is what her owners said:

I cannot say enough about Adrienne. We rescued Mia and is sweet as can be. At about 6 months old we noticed she was a scared little girl. Scared of everything! This was holding her back from being a part of our lives. We contacted Adrienne and she worked with us and Mia. Her patience with our petrified girl turned this puppy around to a confident 8 month old pup who is clearly now enjoying her life with us. Mia needed so much TLC to get her where she is today. Adrienne put in the time with Mia and put family and we can’t thank her enough! I highly recommend MondioPup. She’s the best trainer out there!

Kona’s Dog Training

If you want your dog to be well-trained and well-disciplined, then Gabrielle Sabol, who owns and runs Kona’s Dog Training, is the trainer you want and need. In addition, if you want the confidence in your own dog handling skills, it will be Gabrielle’s training that will help you gain that confidence. My dog and I have had the privilege of being trained by Gabrielle, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Gabrielle is highly skilled in gaining a dog’s respect, not to mention the owner’s. She is very patient and highly resourceful when it comes to your dog’s special needs as well as your own as the dog’s owner and handler. Her knowledge of dog behavior is amazing, even to the point that she knows what the dog is feeling and wanting at any given moment. She explains every training exercise fully, as well as the reasons behind the exercise, and then she demonstrates the exercise, making it seem so simple. She explains the results that you should be aiming for. She makes sure you don’t leave the lesson until you have performed the exercise perfectly. If you come to her with some anxiety or even fear regarding your handling of the dog, that anxiety disappears in no time. Your confidence level grows immensely. If you have special needs to get around to handle the dog, such as trouble bending or stooping, Gabrielle offers alternative ways to accomplish the same results. Gabrielle also goes out of her way to accommodate your dog’s special needs as well as your own. For example, my situation required speedy training on a tight schedule. Gabrielle went to the trouble of scheduling us to meet these requirements.

My situation was unique, in that I was planning to move in just a few weeks from Mesa, Arizona to Tallahassee, Florida. My chief concern was that Honey, my 3-year-old Miniature Pinscher, was only used to my house in Mesa, where there were very few dogs in the neighborhood. She was accustomed to barking at every person walking by as well as those evil golf carts. She would go crazy with barking, jumping, and trying to squirm out of her leash. Gabrielle treated my dog as if it were her own, and Honey was always very relaxed during the training. In fact, Honey developed a deep respect and affection for Gabby (as her friends and clients address her). Gabrielle developed a special schedule that would get me ready for my move, even with room for extra lessons if I needed them. My preparations included getting a pet friendly apartment, which would create a dog-rich environment, let alone numerous tenants all around. I was already imagining Honey going nuts at the door and windows, destroying the apartment, my tenant reputation, and my lease. However, Gabrielle was able to train me to keep Honey calm and under control, simulating the circumstances that would appear in and outside of the apartment. One of the exercises was “Come On Demand.” I must admit I had much trouble, previously, in gaining Honey’s attention in order to get her to come to me every time she was called. Gabrielle made sure I understood the importance of this command, and I practiced it very diligently. The first week I was in my new apartment in Tallahassee, the cable TV guys left my door open while I was in another room, and when I came out, Honey was gone. Naturally, my heart was in my throat. Since the apartment is in a heavily wooded area, I could only imagine where Honey had gone, and what creature she might be chasing, or worse, might be chasing her. Without knowing in what direction she fled, I called out for her as we practiced, and almost immediately I heard the familiar sound of her shaking her collar with all the tags jingling. With tail wagging, and barks of joy, she galloped out of the woods to papa. That experience was worth all the lessons put together! As I stressed at the beginning, Gabrielle Sabol and Kona’s Dog Training are the key that will unlock the door to your well behaved and loving dog, and to your confidence in your dog-handling skills.

Kona’s Dog Training
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