Strengths and Benefits Of Taking Green Lipped Mussel Supplements

Approximately, 250 million people throughout the world suffer from problems with their joints. These are people who are afflicted either by osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. This is a debilitating condition, which can leave an individual immobile. People who are affected by this condition generally come across stiffness and pain in their joints and are required to take medications regularly. Just over 40 million people in America suffer from this problem and mainly depend upon medical practitioners for treatments. They do not realize that they have an alternative available to them that can keep their joints healthy.

The alternative that is available is made from a shellfish that is native to New Zealand. It was in the 60s that scientists observed the Maori tribes of New Zealand living upon a diet of raw green-lipped mussels displaying no signs of any problems with their joints. At that time, scientists believed that extracts from the shellfish could provide a possible cure for cancer. However, after testing the extracts on cancer patients’ scientists realized that the patients who were also afflicted with arthritis found major relief from the extracts given. Thereafter, scientists concentrated on this factor and decided that extracts of green-lipped mussels were better used to treat arthritic conditions.

What Are The Problems Associated with Treating Arthritis With Prescription Medications?

• Medications to manage conditions of arthritis are certainly available but have some side effects associated. They can reduce the inflammation, pain and the swelling but can also leave people susceptible to strokes and heart attacks.

• People who are prescribed NSAIDs often come across problems related to bleeding in the stomach, disorders of the liver, stomach pain and thinning of the blood.

The problems described can aggravate as people age and create additional problems, which will again require medical attention. Therefore, people in such conditions are advised to look for natural alternatives, which will help them, better.

How Green Lipped Mussel Supplements Can Cause a change

Green lipped mussel supplements contain a number of highly effective anti-inflammatory and pain reducing agents and this is a fact, which has been confirmed by scientists. The four main compounds that help achieve this objective are mentioned below.

• They contain an essential component known as Glycosaminoglycans that can repair damaged cartilage and also improve elasticity within the connective tissue. They are also known as mucopolysaccharides and have been described by scientists as effective in maintaining strong joints.

• The supplements are rich in ETA, which is known as a potentially effective form of omega-3 fatty acids. It can reduce the swelling and pain that are often noticed by people under such conditions.

• ETA contains another fatty acid that has been described as Lyprinolls, which can keep inflammation of the joints within manageable proportions.

• A number of powerful antioxidants that can help reduce high levels of free radicals are also contained within the supplement. Free radicals are often found in the fluid within the joints of people who suffer from arthritis.

Why People Should Take Green Lipped Mussel Supplements Over Prescription Medications

• Unlike prescription medications, which are synthesized in the laboratory and leave behind side effects, people who decide to take green-lipped mussel supplements will face no such issues. This is a product, which is made from 100% natural ingredients and does not contain any preservatives, additives and fillers. This is a product that can be taken by all except for those who may be allergic to shellfish.

• The costs of managing a debilitating condition for life can be high apart from the fees charged by medical practitioners. People can forward to bring down these costs by choosing to take green-lipped mussel supplements rather than prescription medications.

• They can rest assured that they will come across no side effects and will find the product highly beneficial.

Green Lipped Mussel Supplements That Must Be Chosen

This shellfish is native to New Zealand, which has the most pristine oceans surrounding the country. Shellfish harvested in this country is considered as the best available because they conform to the standards required by the industry. Therefore, it is essential for people to look for green-lipped mussel supplements manufactured in New Zealand. Products manufactured in other countries will not be effective than the ones from New Zealand.

People can look forward to purchasing MX Green Lipped Mussel supplements manufactured by Maxalife, which is also located in New Zealand. The company can deliver the most natural form of green-lipped mussel supplements available on the market. People using the product will find a reduction in arthritic pain and inflammation. They will also get maximum benefits because of the optimal dosage that will be provided to them, by this supplement.

The company offers an unconditional guarantee of complete satisfaction when people contact them for their product, MX Green Lipped Mussel. They are also prepared to answer all queries that consumers may have.

People with such conditions will find that taking green-lipped mussel supplement is a better option than compared to prescription medications because of the lower costs, the lack of side effects and the highly beneficial properties that this natural product can offer them.

Where Do Extreme Couponers Get Free Coupons?

Question: Where do Extreme Couponers get free coupons?

Coupons can be exchanged with other extreme couponers. For instance, if you don’t buy dog food, someone else might want that coupon and have cereal coupons you would love to use! Check your local library or McDonalds/Starbucks where people leave old newspapers.

Answer: Here are some primary places to get free coupons!

Where do Extreme Couponers get free coupons?

  • Newspaper coupon flyers
  • Digital coupons from your grocery store website
  • Sign up for email from your favorite Manufacturers (example: P&G or Kraft)
  • Sign up for emails from your favorite stores (Example: JcPenney or Sears)
  • Sign up for birthday clubs with restaurant websites (Example: Ihop or Bakin Robbins)
  • Sign up for reward cards (Example: CVS or Walgreens)
  • Smart Source (printable or in newspaper)
  • Red Plum (printable or in newspaper)
  • Local grocery store and drugstores have grocery flyers by front door
  • Many stores have free flyers with coupons
  • Women’s magazines have coupons on their pages (Example: Good Housekeeping or Readers Digest)
  • Websites that promote codes (example: coupon cabin or retail me not)
  • Website that have printable coupons (example: coupon mom or coupons)

And just to reiterate from my previous coupon posts….always shop smartly with your coupons:

  • Always take two coupons, when possible to take advantage of BOGO sales!
  • Organize your coupons so you don’t overlook or waste too much time being an extreme couponer!
  • Combine coupons. Most grocery stores will use their own coupon, in addition to using the manufacturer coupon for the same item!

My goal is to try to save as much as I spend. You shouldn’t get discouraged when this doesn’t happen. I probably achieve this goal 25% of the time I go grocery store shopping. I am always looking for better and efficient ways to be an extreme couponer!