How to Coupon Effectively

how to coupon effectivelyNow that you have your coupons and are organized in some fashion, you are ready to start learning how to coupon effectively! Timing is the key to success! You have probably taken coupons to the store with the intention of saving money on a popular name brand product only to notice you can still buy the generic item for less money. To make the most of how to be a couponer, you need to know how to use your coupons effectively!

Use Coupons for Items on Sale

When learning how to coupon effectively, you need to realize that you should avoid using a specific coupon just because it is there. You want to wait until a store has a promotion for the item or it is on sale. Almost all local stores print a weekly ad that lists valuable promotions and discount prices. They may offer to give you one item for no charge if you buy one at full price or offer a $2 instant discount if you buy four units of a product or give you a $10 voucher if you spend $15 on certain products. When you already recognize that the discount price is a good one, you can use a coupon and receive an even better deal!

Take Advantage of Double Coupons

Some stores will honor double coupons, which makes your coupon redeemable for twice its face value. If you have a coupon offering $0.50 off a single item, the store will give $1.00 off. When you locate a store running a doubling promotion or even automatically doubles your coupons, always take advantage of it. This is a very effective way to save extra money.

Stack Coupons Whenever Possible

Another thing to consider when discovering how to coupon effectively is to use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on a single item. Publix, Kroger, Safeway, Target, and Walgreens and other stores issue in-store coupons that you can stack with a manufacturer’s coupon. Many stores, like CVS, will give you coupons with their reward program. Any time you can stack a manufacture coupon with a store coupon you “hit the nail on the head!”

You can really save a lot when everything lines up just right and you coupon effectively. This occurs when you have the opportunity to receive items for no charge at all! Timing is crucial. Watch for sales every week. Once you have your sale ad, it’s time to hunt for those sale items with coupons. Now go get your coupon organizer. It’s that easy! What are you waiting for?!?