Couponing Tips for Beginners

Here are some couponing tips for beginners! Make sure to take a look at Coupon Terminology if you aren’t familiar with the words or abbreviations!

Couponing Tips

  • Couponing Tips for BeginnersUse coupons to purchase items on sale to maximize savings.
  • Organize coupons before going to store.
  • Know store coupon rules and don’t disrespect store policies.
  • Get organized with a coupon envelope or box.
  • Discard expired coupons unless store policy accepts them.
  • Be careful not to use online fraudulent coupons.
  • Use popular store apps for couponing.
  • Only buy items (not staples) when they are on sale.
  • Go shopping when store is less busy not to tie up a cashier too long with coupons.
  • Don’t buy items you’ll never use, solely because they are on sale.
  • Print coupons in black and white to save money on ink.
  • Set printer to “draft” instead of normal settings.
  • Print two coupons each, if allowed. (for each “buy 1 get 1 free” product)
  • Use digital couponing sites vs printing coupons. (if available)
  • Always read the fine print from coupons and manufactures.
  • Take advantage of stocking up on nonperishable, pantry items.
  • Join manufacture e-clubs and major brands on Facebook for additional coupons and savings.
  • Don’t hoard all the products from a good deal. Let other couponers enjoy some of the deals!
  • Find a cashier who is smiling so your coupons don’t overburden a cashier having a tough day. 🙂
  • Don’t cut out coupons you will never use; don’t waste your time cutting every coupon from the flyer.
  • Take advantage of reward cards which give members additional savings and store credit or cash.
  • Use a grocery list and write down staples needed and items on sale you want that in within your budget.
  • When getting in line to purchase, consider the other customers and have your coupons organized, ready and able to pay your bill without wasting everyone’s time.

With families of all economic levels struggling to control spending and manage debt in a difficult economy, many folks and specifically grocery shoppers, have turned to coupon use as another tool to help make ends meet. The old saying, “Every little bit helps,” is very effective and true! I hope these couponing tips for beginners help a little bit in your new adventures working to save money for you and your loved ones!