Exploring The Options For Ash Borer Treatment Michigan

Property owners in the state who suspect their trees are infected may need to find a company that offers ash borer treatment Michigan. The majority of the treatment options use pesticides to eliminate the infestation.

Bayer offers a product that promises to control shrub and garden tree insects. It is simple to use and the company includes detailed directions to ensure proper application. The user mixes the product with water and pours it around the tree trunk at the base. Application should occur during the month of May or June for the best results.

Imidacloprid is the active ingredient in the Bayer treatment. This pesticide is also present in Imacide, Ima-jet and other products. Homeowners can apply the Bayer product without assistance. A professional needs to apply the other products. This is because the treatment requires injections into the tree trunk.

When treating trees for emerald ash borer infestation, evaluation of the tree’s integrity is necessary. Any tree with a severe infestation that involves more than fifty percent of the tree is beyond treatment and should be removed. The ash borer larvae starve the tree of necessary nutrients and this causes it to die slowly.

Trees respond best to treatment when they are no more than forty percent affected and even then, some will not make it. Many property owners have concerns about the infestation spreading. Preventive treatment may protect those trees that are healthy but in danger of infestation.

Anyone living in a quarantined county should treat trees even if there are no signs of disease. Michigan researchers advise property owners to treat their ash trees if they are within fifteen miles of any quarantined county. Those farther away do not need to treat unless the area of infestation moves closer to their location.

Property owners can employ the services of a tree specialist, or arborist, to inspect trees for signs of the ash borer. These experts can evaluate the trees and offer suggestions for treatment.