Do you know the FUJITA Tornado Damage Scale?

Damage Scale? Most Floridians and even East Coast United States residents are familiar with the Hurricane SAFFIR-SIMPSON SCALE:

Category 1 having the slowest wind speeds and Category 5 having the highest wind speeds. The FUJITA or Tornado scale, otherwise known as the “F” Scale was created by Meteorologist Theodore Fujita. D’Orsa and Associates Public Adjusters would like to share with you the FUJITA Tornado Scale:

F0: Gale Winds between 40 – 73 miles per hour

F1: Moderate Winds between 73 – 112 miles per hour

F2: Significant Winds between 113 – 157 miles per hour

F3: Severe Winds between 158 – 206 miles per hour

F4: Devastating Winds between 207 – 260 miles per hour

F5: Incredible Winds between 261 – 318 miles per hour

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Rationality and Optimality of Transportation Networks Defense

BrowsersFor a given budget, the decision whether to deploy a higher number of units, or to invest to units of better monitoring capabilities can be directly resolved by studying the functions fib and sampling. Whereas the first was thoroughly studied in the previous sections, analyzing the effect of the sampling rate over the performance of the system is a much simpler task [16]. With low sampling rates, GBC becomes proportional to the sum of BC values of the group members (as the number of redundant inspections reduces with the sampling rate). We can therefore, consider a guideline saying that traffic monitors with very low sampling rates can be deployed on the most central nodes in the network, even if it means deploying several monitors on the same node. However, when the overall sampling rate of monitors deployed on each node is relatively high, and then the set of monitored nodes should be chosen wisely using a more rigorous execution of the optimization algorithm.

Notice that BC and GBC based deployments have the same utility when selecting a single monitor as expected. However, GBC based strategy continuously improves the traffic coverage as more monitors are added with the marginal utility of each additional monitor slowly decreasing.

Figure 11 demonstrates the performance of our monitoring method, by showing the percentage of traffic monitored as a function of the number of monitors, for several deployment schemes: (a) Group Between’s, (b) Between’s, and (c) Random deployment. The benefits of the proposed method can clearly be seen from this chart. BC based strategy produces relatively high quality deployments for small number of monitors (less than five). However, when 10 or more monitors need to be located random deployment is on average as effective as choosing the most central intersections.

Moreover, for large numbers of monitors (more than 70-80) random deployment, although the simplest strategy, achieves coverage results that are very similar to choosing the most central intersections. This result may seem surprising but in fact it is absolutely reasonable. Central intersections tend to lay on the arterial roads and usually are quite close to each other. This results in reduced marginal utility of each additional junction joining the deployment. Using the results of Figure 11 the effect of the number of monitors over the overall percentage of traffic coverage can be observed — and used by policy makers in order to decide on the optimal monitoring strategy:

Definition1 .Let us denote the cost of an attack as CATTACK.
Definition2 .LetM(x): Z+ ! [0; 1] be a monotonous function denoting the percentage of traffic that is monitored using x monitoring units5. 5 The function(x) can be extrapolated using simulations, as demonstrated in Figure 11. Note that M(x) is domain dependant and may significantly change for different networks.


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Enabling Private Browsing on Various Browsers

BrowsersPrivate Browsing includes an extensive collection of precautions, which helps the web surfers to put the browser into temporary state where their activities on the web cannot be traced. This feature is recently added in most of the browsers. Apparently, private browsing mode has three key objectives, which are as follows:

1. The site(s) visited by the web surfers in private mode, should not leave any evidence of site(s). Even, if the web surfer wants to hide the browsing history from the family members, they will not get any track record.

2. While using private mode, web surfer also wants to foil data or information of visited sites from local attackers, who takes control of the workstation.

3. User wishes to put out of sight their identity from the web attackers. This mode makes tricky for web sites to locate the user’s activities.

The motive might to use private browsing mode. However, the foundation is to hide the track records of the browser.

Private Browsing involves operating firewalls & proxy server settings to avoid the outsiders viewing web surfing activities. This mode is usually used in-

  • Workplaces
  • Universities
  • Campus, etc.

Many of the web browsers put forward the customs to web surfers from keeping the browsing history & data like cookies or cache hidden from others at the end of the session.

How to enable private browsing on various browsers?

While using public computers or even personal computers, it is quite easy for the web hackers to hack your online account in public mode. However, private mode facilitates your data to being hacked by web hackers. This mode is easy to activate and you may disable it when it is not required. In browsers, private browsing is in the sort of –

  • InPrivate Browsing Mode
  • Incognito Browsing Mode
  • Utilizing Private Browsing Mode
  • Private Browsing Mode, etc.

You just have to select the mode of respective browsers to enter into a private mode. You can also find the tutorial regarding the activation of the private browsing mode, which makes it even more straightforward for any user. Some private browsing mode can be elevated by adding the direct line toggle to the shortcut. For instance, if you are using the flowing browsers:

Google Chrome

The private browsing mode in chrome is known as Incognito. You will find it under tools menu or in the file menu. This depends whether you are using Windows or Mac respectively.


In Firefox, you will use private browsing mode in private settings as “Private Browsing” in tools menu.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft has the feature of private browsing as InPrivate Mode in the Internet Explorer 8. You will find the InPrivate Mode in safety menu.


In Apple, under Safari menu you will get the tab of Private Browsing. Once you press the tab, you will get the caution that neither of your history will be stored nor searches will be saved. You have to click Ok and the private browsing mode will turn on.


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