Computer System and Network Security Management

Many of the critical security problems are caused by computer systems. The weaker security measures
on a computer system can invite attackers to run malicious code on it. Very carefully follow the security
policies and make sure that a new computer system is secure before you link it to a network. The security
management tasks to be performed on a computer system may include the following:

• Install an operating system by using a secured file system.
• Create user accounts and assign privileges to the users based on the security policies.
• Use strong passwords for the user accounts.

• Remove the unused and unnecessary user accounts including the unnecessary default accounts and guest

• Turn off the unused and unnecessary services such as Telnet and anonymous access.
• Turn on the automatic security service.
• Restrict the access to the shared files, folders, and disks.
• Set the account lockout policy.
• Install the latest security packs, patches, and antivirus software.
• Distribute the latest security packs, patches, and antivirus software to students and faculty members.
• Enable the security event auditing service and the log warning service.
• After the installation of a software package or a new hardware device, run security assessment software
to see if there is security vulnerability. Not only do network administrators need to carefully enforce
these security measures, users including students and faculty members also need to do the same. A list
of security measure enforcement tasks should be available to everyone who is involved in an online
computer lab project. Fix all the problems before you link computers to a network.

Network System Security Management

A network is another most vulnerable place that can cause disastrous damage. Once the network is
infected, all the computers and network devices connected to the network will be affected. Extra caution
needs to be taken before the network is deployed and used by the public.

• Install the latest patches on routers and switches.
• Enable the security filters, monitoring service, notification service, and auditing service.
• Disable the unused services.
• Use strong passwords.
• Block all the vulnerable ports.
• Secure routers and switches.
• Encrypt the network traffic.
• Block the unused protocols by default.

• Configure the network not to receive or forward broadcast messages.
• Enable the firewall and configure it according to the security policies.
• Update the firewall with the latest patches.
• Enable IPsec on the firewall and configure it for encrypted communication.
• After the network equipment is installed, run security assessment software to

see if there is security vulnerability.

The network security measures should be fully enforced while creating the network.
Most of these tasks should be done by network administrators who have the security
management experience and the knowledge.


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Important Concepts/Terms

googleThe Google Sandbox is somewhat of a mystery. It’s existence is a highly debated topic but many people, including myself, have experienced it in some form or another.

If a site’s domain is very young (under a few months) and it suddenly gets loads of links with the same anchor text, Google sees this as an attempt to manipulate the sites’ rankings and will penalize the site by doing one of 2

1. Destroy the sites rankings for most keyword terms by placing the site on page 99 or something equally hard to find.

2. Leave the sites rankings unchanged and not let the new links have any value towards higher rankings.

So the 2 possible outcomes are either not letting the links have any effect or full-on punishment by banishing the site from anywhere near the front page. This effect is not permanent however.

It only last for a few months where your previous rankings are then  restored or your links are eventually given their full weight. So don’t panic if you see your site disappear from the search results and all your traffic disappears, it will all return to normal given some time. However, this is of course a pretty crappy scenario and a total waste of
time. To prevent it from happening  in the future the best thing to do is to vary your anchor text.

The more links you are creating for your site the more varied the anchor text needs to be. Use 3 keyword variations for less than 500 hundred links in one month, 6 variations for more than 500 in one month and 10 variations for more than 1000 in one month. This should be a good guideline to follow and will ensure you never get into the dreaded sandbox.

There is another version of the sandbox too and it’s known as the ‘reverse sandbox’ effect. This is where all new, original content naturally gets a  small boost in the search results.

This is because people value fresh information so Google decides to make all of this type of content easier to find and gives it a little more exposure to help it along.

This is one of those effects that helps everyone (those creating unique content that is) and is definitely welcome. By it’s very nature there is not much to do to increase it’s effects, you just have to produce fresh, unique Content.


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Aurora Colorado Shooting

It’s been over a month now since the murderous rampage that took place on that sad  Friday night at the Century Movie Theater in Aurora Colorado.  After sitting back and watching the news media hacks, pundits, and so called politicians debate the events of that fateful night and turn this tragedy into a self-serving political hotbed, I feel I must weigh in on the subject.

First off my prayers and condolences go out to the victim’s families and to those heroes in the movie theater of the Aurora Shooting that made the ultimate sacrifice by giving up their lives for the ones they loved by shielding them as the cowardly murderer known as James Holmes easily picked off defenseless movie goers.  My thankfulness also goes out to the Aurora Police Dept.  They were able to quickly locate and identify the shooter and take him into custody between 1-2 minutes based on several media reports.  But think about this, without taking away from the great job of APD, how many people died during that time frame?  The Police cannot be everywhere all the time.

During the aftermath of this horrible event, and before the dust evened settled, folks were positioning themselves for their own selfish desires somehow coming to the conclusion that firearms are the problem and the murderer must be a Tea party member because one news media hack found the same common name as the murderer on a list of Tea Partiers.  Funny thing is as soon as one story I heard leaked that the murderer might be a registered Democrat that argument went away.

The murderer James Holmes was a psycho path.  He was well educated and bought the weapons and bomb making materials legally.  John Holmes was not some right wing, uneducated, NRA member that the media hacks would have you believe.

James Holmes committed these atrocious crimes, not the guns or bombs, someone has to pull the trigger or make the bombs and this murderer made that conscious choice.  As our society continues to decline in morals and rule of law, we keep seeing these active shooter type scenarios play out all over America.  And every time there is a crime in this nature, all the opinionated clowns who think they know best demonize guns and self-defense.  Why?  Most common law abiding Americans don’t have around the clock armed private security and bodyguards that these “opinion leaders” have.  Their reality is not our reality.  What is wrong with self-defense of any kind?

As a former Law Enforcement Officer, a CA POST Certified Firearms Instructor for my agency at the time, a Glock Instructor, a Denver Private Investigator, and owner of International Counterintelligence Services of Colorado, I can’t help but think that a trained able bodied person in the movie theater (law enforcement or civilian) could have made a difference.  There is a lot to evaluate as to tactics and strategy, but if you weren’t initially shot at could you have recognized that this was a shooter, drew your legally concealed handgun, edged weapon, or used your mind and body, could the attack have been stopped?  The answer is yes!

The media likes to play up the cowardly role and say do nothing is best, but that is wrong.  This great nation of ours would never have been founded if that was our mindset.  Our society now breeds laziness and cowardice attitudes.  We are unfortunately reaping what we sow.  If our society continues to decline, refuse to recognize there is a serious moral issue in this country that is causing people to ”snap”, then we are going to keep seeing these types of chaotic deadly scenes continue.  What will your response be when your caught up in a deadly situation?  Will you do nothing and hope you’re not killed or assaulted waiting for the Police, or will you stand in the gap in hopes of trying to make a difference?

The point is this; taking guns or any weapons away from law abiding, trained people is not going to stop mad men from wreaking havoc when they can’t keep it together.  You cannot castrate our ability to defend ourselves.  If you don’t want to defend yourself, that’s fine, just get out of the way for those of us who do.

Grant Linhart is the President and owner of International Counterintelligence Services of Colorado, otherwise known as ICS of Colorado, LLC.  ICS of Colorado provides a wide range of private investigator services throughout the State of Colorado.  Some of the services ICS of Colorado, LLC provides are, but are not limited to;

  • Surveillance Operations
  • Background Investigations
  • Locate Services
  • Civil & Criminal Investigations
  • Attorney and Lawyer Firms Legal Services
  • Bank Searches
  • Asset Searches
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Child Custody Support Investigations

If you are  in need of any private investigation services, call ICS of Colorado for a discreet and confidential, no charge consultation at 800.828.9198.